Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo

Speakeasy, Dead-End Metro
AND the Princess’s Room!

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FindOut Seinäjoki Salakapakka


Introducing one of the best-kept secrets of Seinäjoki nightlife: the speakeasy, a secret bar only known to a very select few. On a very lucky night out on the town, you might run into someone who knows the right people who could get you an invitation to a one-of-a-kind party at the speakeasy, in true 1920s style. The place is not easy to find as the building is a seemingly endless maze and none of the doors seem to open—but we know it’s supposed to be somewhere in Rytmikorjaamo! It’s guaranteed to be the party of a lifetime, so long as everyone lets their hair down and no one blows the whistle on the fun. Being locked up and facing the beast of alcohol legislation and licensing in front of a judge are definitely not at the top of our list of things to do in the next few months!

120 €   Recommended for: 4 to 6 players

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Dead-End Metro

Seinäjoki is witnessing a wave of development, and the city recently made a huge investment in building its own metro system inspired by the West Metro in Helsinki! After all, every self-respecting city has a rapid transport network of its own. Unfortunately, much like the one in Helsinki, this project did not turn out quite as planned. The train does not go all the way to its intended destination; instead, it only runs to the end of the local metro line in the remote village of Peräseinäjoki. In addition to all of that, the tracks end there because a rare type of rock inhabited by a protected species of crow was discovered on the planned route during construction. The train is stuck at this dead end because nobody thought to include a reverse gear. “From what I hear, the insurance company and inspectors are still looking into it,” says the driver, resting his feet on the control panel. However, there’s no need to worry, because there is a way out: a regular local bus service connects this remote metro station to the city, and it runs every week! This week’s bus leaves in one hour. The alternative *whispers* is to stay here trapped with the local country bumpkins.

Recommended for: 4 to 6 players
Reduced price 80 € until the room has been renovated.

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FindOut Seinäjoki Länsimetro



FindOut Seinäjoki Prinsessahuone

The Princess’s room

It’s the usual story: the witch has been holding the princess locked up in her castle for ages, and the prince is completely useless. Half the kingdom is tired of waiting for the prince to do his part of the story so they decide to set out to free the princess themselves. When they arrive at the castle, they find that the princess has already left a good while ago. After all, why would a princess wait forever for a prince to save her? She can do as she pleases! Unfortunately, the rescuers now find themselves behind bars, with the door locked behind them and the moat starting to flood from the pouring rain. In one hour, the terrifying crocodiles in the moat will reach the drawbridge, which is the only way out. The princess made it out, but now half the kingdom may have to live happily ever after in the witch’s castle!

96 €   Recommended for: 2 to 4 players

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Ilmajoki JA Vaasa AS WELL!

FindOut Seinäjoki ikoni

FindOut Seinäjoki

Welcome to a Room Escape game in Seinäjoki, in the “edgy” setting of Rytmikorjaamo. Forget the rest of the world and fight your way out!

FindOut Seinäjoki is centrally located at the Rytmikorjaamo business and event venue on Vaasantie road. It is easily reachable from the city centre either by car or on foot. There is plenty of parking space available, and the location is conveniently close to the other services in Seinäjoki.

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FindOut Seinäjoki is part of Rytmikorjaamo

FindOut Seinäjoki is one of dozens of businesses housed in Rytmikorjaamo, a business and event venue that is often described as edgy. Rytmikorjaamo is well-known in Finland as a creative hub. Our three escape rooms are both a breath of fresh air in this service environment and an integral part of it. Our reception and waiting area is located in the Rytmikorjaamo lobby, where you can also have lunch.

We look forward to seeing you at FindOut Seinäjoki to enjoy our unique escape games that are sure to tax your brain!

Short description of the venue adapted from the Rytmikorjaamo website:

Rytmikorjaamo is the headquarters of local creative forces in Seinäjoki. It is a place of business, research, development, study and music. The site consists of multiple spaces, such as offices and meeting rooms, shops, lobby, restaurant, band practice rooms and Rytmikorjaamo club, a spacious venue for up to 1,000 people. The site also includes an events yard that can be modified to host anything from small parties to mass events with 3,000 to 4,000 attendees.

The Rytmikorjaamo building is a renovated old post bus depot. The Finnish name “Rytmikorjaamo” could be translated as “rhythm workshop”. It is an apt reference to both the building’s greasy history as a repair workshop and its new life as a site dedicated to pacing the pulse of the city and reinforcing the local expertise in rhythm music and event production.

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