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Our company was founded in October 2015, but before that we had already run games at Yli-Laurosela in Ilmajoki in the summer of 2015 under the name WayOut Pohojanmaa. This sparked our interest in escape games, and the rest is history. Today, we have one site at the Rytmikorjaamo business and event venue in Seinäjoki, open all year round, and another at the Yli-Laurosela house museum in Ilmajoki, open from 1 May to 23 December.

Our customers include groups of friends, corporate teams, hen and stag parties, families, societies as well as others in search of fun and new experiences.
Book a game and be part of our vision to become the best escape game business in Finland, providing the best experiences to our customers!


Escape games are known by various names, such as escape room, live room escape game, real-life escape game, room escape, puzzle room and many more.

The first escape game in Finland opened in 2014, and escape rooms have since sprung up in many cities. There is already a nice variety of games available. Clearly, they have been enjoying a surge in popularity—and with good reason. It is nearly impossible to describe the experience. You need to try it for yourself to truly understand the idea behind these originally Asian escape games that have recently spread here for our enjoyment.

The basic concept of the game is simple: each room has its own theme and story and a group of players enters the room to solve all the puzzles there. For instance, the puzzles may involve finding keys, opening locks with codes and combining clues in the correct way. All the “tools” required to solve the puzzles (information, objects, keys, codes, etc.) are found inside the room.

One game lasts 60 minutes, but players should reserve approximately 90 minutes in total to cover the entire game experience at the site from arrival to departure. If a team fails to escape the room but wants to know how the game ends, we will of course tell them.


As far as we know, most escape rooms are equipped with camera surveillance and microphones. We do not use any kind of surveillance system, so you do not need to feel like Big Brother is watching. In an emergency, you can always exit the room on your own. The rooms are also equipped with extra clues for solving the puzzles. We feel that our customers are able to enjoy their game experience more without anyone monitoring their progress on a screen or listening in on their conversations. Furthermore, players have the power to decide for themselves when and how often to use the extra clues, or if they want to use them at all.

We redesign our rooms from time to time, at irregular intervals. There are six Escape Game FindOut rooms available: three in Seinäjoki and three in Ilmajoki. We offer plenty of games for anyone wishing to play! We try to provide as many new experiences as possible to our returning customers, but we also want to keep our games easily approachable for first-timers. Players can set the difficulty of the room themselves by not using the extra clues provided in sealed envelopes inside the room.

The escape rooms at Rytmikorjaamo are available for bookings all year round and the escape rooms in Yli-Laurosela from 1 May to 23 December. The environment and atmosphere of the museum provide a completely unique experience. Yli-Laurosela is a great venue for company Christmas parties, workplace health promotion activities, different types of parties, events and other social gatherings. We are also open on most holidays.

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